Mana Drive - New Essence Reaver Component and Alternate Upgrade

With the change to Essence Reaver, I feel we lost a piece of the old one. One that I was working on basing a champion passive around, actually: _Crits that restore 3% **missing** Mana_. The new versioin obviously focuses on Essence Flare, and that's all fine and dandy, as it also removes crit chance and the CDR scaling with crit chance. The new item simply gives the recipe a second advanced item, shuffles the stat source within the recipe, and gives the player an alternate build path if it suits the champion/situation better. The new component feels underpriced, but perhaps I'm overvaluing the passive. I don't plan to necessarily reinstate the old version, but definitely something similar, and also recognize it's relevance to the new Essence Reaver. **Mana Drive (New Advanced Item):** {{item:1036}} + {{item:1027}} + {{item:1036}} + 250 = 1300 +250 Mana +20 Attack Damage UNIQUE Passive - Mana Drive - Basic attacks restore 1% **missing** mana. **Essence Reaver (New Recipe):** Mana Drive (1300) + {{item:3133}} + {{item:1036}} + 450 = 3200 As you can see, the {{item:1038}} is replaced by the same-price Mana Drive, with most of the missing component-AD found as a {{item:1036}} replacing the {{item:1027}} that was moved to being a part of the Mana Drive. **Nova Drive (New Finished Item):** Mana Drive (1300) + {{item:1051}} + {{item:3101}} + 200 = 3000 +40% Attack Speed +10% Cooldown Reduction +250 Mana +25 Attack Damage UNIQUE Passive - Mana Drive - Critical strikes restore 3% **missing** mana. UNIQUE Passive - Gain critical strike chance equal to your **total** cooldown reduction up to 35%. I chose 35% as the cap because any higher felt too much (intentionally dodging the crit chance cap with two Zeal upgrades), but also Tryndamere's odd 35% passive crit chance plus a Zeal item and this (at 35%+ CDR) equals 100% crit chance without going overboard. Cosmic Insight and Ancient Coin can also chip in until you pass the cap otherwise, and it gives Stinger a nice third upgrade, since I feel it's an undervalued component. I increased the stats slightly arbitrarily, but otherwise intentionally gave it 20% CDR which also gives it 20% crit chance from its passive, so you can combine it with a Zeal upgrade and Infinity Edge and get full crit chance (not overboard). Overall this took me a while to fine tune (especially the Nova Drive passive) to personal satisfaction, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were any problems with the build path and the item itself. If anyone has an idea for improvement (or simply "This would be good on X champion, but Y item is better.") please let me know. :)

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