My Favorite Champs And Skins They Should Have

So Kayn is fairly new, right? He, thus far, has only 2 skins aside form is regular skin: Soulhunter and Odyssey. I feel like he should have just a few more (like one or two) and I have a concept for one, Arcade Kayn. Basically the skin would go something like this: If you go shadow assassin you go down the arcade path and he becomes true arcade Kayn. But if you went Darkin you would go down the battle boss path. And also with the new event coming up, Dawnbringer and Nightbringer, It could be something just like this concept. Dawnbringer is shadow assassin, and Nightbringer is darkin. Chances are that these probably wont happen for quite a while. and now to Jhin. Jhin is also pretty new, i'm fairly certain he has 4 skins as of right now but id like to see a few new skins for this guy. I had a concept but have no idea if its any good, Paintball Jhin. This champion is always talking about art/aesthetics in his voice lines and it would be nice to see something like this come to the rift (maybe just my opinion though). Its also a random skin line I thought of so again I have no idea if its any good. If you have ideas you would like to share with me on this board then please leave a comment about some ideas you guys have. (Edit) So there has been a bunch of posts about a Kandy Kayn skin, and i think that that would be pretty sick. When he enters a wall with his e the little icon that pops out of the wall (the tiny ball) would be one of those circle peppermint candies. His scythe would be a candy cane and his r would have little snow particles with that snowing sound they use in a lot of games and movies as he infests them. Please if this can be made a skin please make it happen xD.
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