I will be creating a LoL orchestral theme for the top voted champ at least once a week. Here's Leona

Krale - Radiant Dawn by Krale
The first release of my new champion series, where I will release a song inspired by a LoL champ at least once a week!
Polls for voting (there's a limit of the number of entries on strawpoll). Please keep in mind that if a champion is voted for the most it does not guarantee I will do that champion. The votes will be taken into account, but sometimes it's hard to find inspiration for some things. I will do my best though http://strawpoll.me/4387481 Aatrox - Garen http://strawpoll.me/4387499 Gnar - Master Yi http://strawpoll.me/4387517 Miss Fortune - Sona http://strawpoll.me/4387541 Soraka - Zyra
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