Question on Game Foley

Hello there, I'm swordofdestiny. I'm going to university for Audio Engineering and I hope to work on audio for games at some point. I've always been in awe of the sound design in League and I remember asking a question on what foley went into the making of Gnar (during the Kalista Q & A, I was in class all day [at least I got two hours of mixing in]) and got a really cool response about it from one of the guys on the audio team (I, for the life of me cannot find the post now and I'm annoyed at myself). Anyway, I was wondering (and hopefully I'm allowed to ask this question, read the rules and board guidelines and nothing seems to prohibit this), if you're willing to divulge this, what your general process is when you're designing the foley for new champions? Do you start out with a general idea of how you want it to sound and work backwards trying to figure out what you could do to create that sound?

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