Patch 4.18 Volume Sliders

Hey all! I wanted to bring into attention a new feature that the audio team has been working on, with hopes that players everywhere get the most use out of it. With Patch 4.18, comes greater power over your League of Legends mix. If you navigate to "Sound" in the "Options" menu, you'll find that a "Pings" and "Ambience" slider has been added to the options menu as well. Bumpin! The pings slider will control ping volume yes, but what about Ambience? As of now, all of the environment sound such as wind, birds, fire, etc, will be controlled by the Ambience slider, along with any other sounds that are not considered gameplay impactful. For example, the water mills on Dominion. While these help immerse us within the game world, hearing that sound offers zero gameplay feedback. It may be considered a "Hard" effect", but in no way does it help you kill the wild Teemo. On the flip side, we have the alters and health pack on the Twisted Treeline, which are extremely important. Their sounds have been kept in the SFX bus in order to provide that sonic feedback to the player. When you stand near a health pack, you will hear it's aura. When an altar opens, the whispering souls will be calling. As players, these are the things we listen for, and are considered gameplay impactful. Finally, the options menu for sound now has SEVEN meaty, wholesome sliders fighting for space in a small window. This can be intimidating at first glance. In the future, I'd love to grab some artists and deck this menu out. Get a golden decorative dragon surrounding the master slider, organize it in an easy to read way, etc. For now however, we hope that these new sliders will help you find audio clarity in game, and improve your League of Legends experience. Riot N0TAR
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