Kindred - the Eternal Hunters - official sheet music

Hi everyone! I'm really excited to share with you the link for the Kindred sheet music: []( Please don't hesitate to share this link on Reddit and YouTube, or direct people to this thread :) Here are a few things about the music people have asked me, and I thought I'd compile them here: "_What influenced the music for Kindred?_ Throughout the process, I was in touch with the writers and promo team to shape the music of the champion. The art my colleagues worked on was also a huge influence on the music. The theme you hear in the piece was the very first thing I wrote when I sat down to work on Kindred. _Why did you choose to use cello and piano?_ I wanted to portray Lamb’s agile and precise attributes, and Wolf’s aggressive character. At the same time, both sides of Kindred are intertwined, and it only seemed appropriate to have them dance together and around each other! _Will there be more music similar to Kindred’s coming from Riot in the future?_ It’s not impossible, but very unlikely. The Riot music team strives to come up with unique music for each one of our champions. The music has to encapsulate the art, the lore and the gameplay of the champion within a short track. If we did our job right, that means that music is so specific to each champ that it probably wouldn’t fit another character! _What are all these sounds around the piano and cello performance?_ These are actual recordings of blue magic! Powerful stuff." Please don't hesitate to ask any Kindred music-related question you'd like! Ed the Conqueror
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