GP Voice Lines-- Announcer and Post 5.15. BRING BACK ANNOUNCER PACK AND PRE 5.15 VOICE LINES FOR GP

TL;DR-- Post 5.15 GP's lines don't reflect his piratey nature in the best way and we should be allowed the option to switch announcer voices if they choose. I liked GP before he had his accident in terms of dialogue. He had interesting things to say on a variety of topics, including his joke about the deficiency when he pulled out the oranges, which is now gone, even though the oranges still come out. Now, it's just about his betrayal, and how upset he is. In one form or another, those are all his lines consist of. It's really quite irritating. The GP before his blown up ship was more confident, buoyant, maybe not as driven, but driven by more than hate. Driven by greed, lust, the desire to gain, as a pirate should be. The GP post ship wreckage is just all about revenge. He's more driven, but driven only by hate. There's no talk of money or loot, or any of the lucrative things a pirate craves. In short, he's gone from a pirate to a raving mad revenge seeking lunatic. The other thing is that the boring original voice is back to Summoners Rift. That female voice is so dull, drab, and repetitive. She has one line for every event, wheras the GP announcer could mix things up with multiple lines. For instance, the female announcer, when a teammate died, could only say, in that GOD AWFUL DRAB TONE: "Your ally has been slain." GP could say: "Your ally has been slain." "Your mates feedin the fishes." "Your ally's decoratin the seabed." And thats just one example where the GP voice triumphs over the female voice in terms of diversity. Now, some had complained that the GP voice announcer was too unclear in his sayings, and that they were way too hard to figure out. Granted, the female announcer does have a directness that can be appreciated when considering that the point of an overall announcer is to broadcast events that happen in the game. Clarity is needed for that. But I feel like Gangplanks lines are clear enough, even if they don't directly correspond to the old lines of the female announcer From a player's perspective, it doesn't really matter whether an enemy is unstoppable, dominating, or legendary. A player doesn't look at someone who is dominating and go: "WELL GUYS, HE'S ONLY ONE KILL FROM LEGENDARY, SO WE GOT THIS!" No. Obviously, there is a difference between being on a killing spree and being legendary, but in terms of dialogue, anything past killing spree means one thing in a players mind: "That person is destroying." In that regard, the GP announcer pack wasn't a flaw in clarity loss. The line "Don't mistake em for swabs!" should convey the same meaning to a player as "An enemy is unstoppable!" The GP announcer communicated the words killing spree and legendary, sometimes dominating and unstoppable even. SO WHERES THE LOSS OF CLARITY? In the remaining lines, like "Arrghh, who do they think they are?" Well, to answer that, the original voice pack for SR has been around for 5 seasons. THE GP announcer was around for a week. If he was around for 5 seasons, people would be comfortable with all the extra lines, and be able to translate their meaning. Even if the voice pack was annoying, the text that translated GP's lines were on the screen. Sure, it's annoying to look at, but for those who really got confused, the text was there to serve as a guide. And as previously stated, that text wouldn't be needed with 5 seasons of exposure. But sure, i get it. Lets say, alright, okay, that GP voice is too damn much. RIOT SHOULD GIVE US THE OPTION TO ENABLE, DISABLE IT. The players should be allowed to choose what announcer they have, based on their preference. That way, nobody is forced into anything. Create the GP voice pack as a merchandise item or something, but do not take it out of the game entirely. There are those who miss it, want it, and love it.
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