These weeks league has been pretty boring specially in the boards and I know how to spice things up.

Well, I know you pretty much guess it, its the April 2018 Roadmap. Its almost a month since Irelia's release in the PBE and we need new contents now specially that the Inonia Lore Update receive backslashes from the community specially the karma bio (Which I considered Ok but needs a bit more fleshing. A colour story will do). Please reav3, publish it now so that we could make speculations and theories. Make our life (lore addicts) colorful and exciting. Please drop it now, or even later today. If its not today, Feel free to drop an exact date because we all know that the roadmap will be publish this week. I'am excited to see the Nunu reveal and hope that there would be teasers from the next VGU after Nunu(If he's really the next VGU). BTW, I hope the live gameplay team/ the team handling the aatrox rework would join the champions team. Their task should revolve around making Aatrox/Fiora like VGUs or Light VGUs unlike their large VGU counterparts like the Irelia and Akali VGUs. They should rework champs who need a heavy VU's but kits would mostly just be modernize or vise versa( heavy GU, slight VU). examples are Caitlyn, Veigar and specially Wukong for GU. They could also integrate VO updates and new lores alongside with the light VGU rework. Plus new/ tweak splashes. Overll, this will also fasten up the VGU process of each champ and make LOL as updated/new as possible. Imagine caitlyn, With those champions who needs VGUs the most, it may be long before her time and her GU is still OK except her visuals BUT with this team(aatrox team) they could focus on updating champs who needs a light VGU like caitlyn. The only thing that she needs now is new visuals,splashes,animation and new model and a bit of modernization visuals on her kit. She doesn't need a full relaunch like the Irelia rework because she already has a new lore and her kit is OK.
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