New Ionian Juggernaut "Sett" Theories

So just today there was a loot asset added to the PBE called "Sett's Calling Card" the info on the loot states: ""Gained by impressing Sett. Openable on January 14th, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. PT." I've noticed the design looks very familiar and low and behold the teaser image of the Ionian Juggernaut features a similar head design on the Lamp/Pavilion. My Theory: Sett is an Ionian bat. Using fiery powers that illuminate him to store forces while tanking hits before unleashing the heat onto his enemies. If he is a bat he could be hiding inside the lamp/pavilion, waiting for his cue, dropping down, having a wrestler/hero entry also if he uses fire/heat he could be the light source lighting up the pavilion.
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