A Map of the Birthplaces of as many Champions as Possible

Hey everyone! So I had an idea for a simple project; mark down where every champion was born to as great an extent as is possible given the current knowledge about champion’s backstories, and thus I created a simple map to hot it down as much as possible. So here’s a run down of every known birth location of the champions in League of Legends, for the ones we know about. A preface before we start: 1. We just don’t know everyone’s birth locations, so this map and list doesn’t include everything and everyone. Even if we did have such locations places like Bandle City and the different realms don’t have maps available for us to use, so it’d be impossible to list every champion either way. In cases like this I have a section below dedicated to further explanation. 2. This map will have 2 colours: Orange and Pink. Orange denotes specific locations we know exist based on mapping information. Pink denotes general locations based on geography and information gleaned from biographies. Basically orange is super specific, pink is generally accurate based on what we’ve got. 3. The map I’m using has no location names, so I’ll have some written descriptions below to explain more about what’s up. 4. Some of this uses guess work because of a lack of a concrete answer. Where that’s the case, you’ll see it in the way I word the explanations below. Now without further adieu, let’s get on with the explanations, starting with champions with known birth locations: https://i.imgur.com/pj3sewA.jpg --- #**Champions that are on the Map**# **{{champion:2}} Olaf:** Born in the lands of Lokfar; a small region in the far west of the Freljord. Olaf’s as concrete as they come. **{{champion:63}} Brand:** While not expressly stated that he was born in the settlement of Rygann’s Reach, realistically he was either born there or very close to it. **{{champion:22}} Ashe:** Born to the Avarosan settlement of Vathcaer, on the coast of the Ice Sea. After the events of Ashe: Warmother, the fate of Vathcaer is unknown. **{{champion:23}} Tryndamere:** No specific location given, however it’s stated he lived in areas surrounded by mountains, in frozen plains and with constant threat of Noxian invaders, making the area immediately north of the main border between Noxus and the Freljord the most likely location for his birth. **{{champion:20}} Willump:** While Nunu isn’t present, Willump is because he’s a champion (It’s Nunu & Willump people). While the specifics of the yeti’s civilisation aren’t well explored, Yeti’s Vigil, which is located on the map, is described as being ancient yeti ruins, so it’s the most logical location to be Willump’s birthplace. **{{champion:1}} Annie:** Born in the borderlands of Noxus north of the Ironspike mountains. There’s a section of the map just north of it, that’s not held concretely by Noxus and isn’t considered the Freljord, which seems the perfect place on the map for Annie’s parents to have settled down at. **{{champion:99}} {{champion:86}} Lux and Garen:** Both of the Crownguard children were born in the city of High Silvermere as far as their bios indicate, with the Crownguard estate being located here. **{{champion:59}} {{champion:114}} Jarvan IV and Fiora:** Neither J4 or Fiora have express lore stating they were born in the Great City of Demacia, but reason would dictate, based on their lifestyles and personal histories, that the capital is where they were born and have spent much of their lives. **{{champion:133}} Quinn:** Born to the rural mountain town of Uwendale, in the north east of Demacia and fairly close to the Freljord. **{{champion:92}} Riven:** Born and raised on a farm in Trevale, one of the furthest out points of the Noxian empire. Fun fact: Kled was part of the campaign that brought it in to the empire. This was probably long before Riven was born. {{champion:30}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:55}} **Karthus, Swain, Elise, Cassopeia and Katarina:** Four of these champions are Noxian nobility, one of them was born in the slums, but all of them have spent their lives in the City of Noxus, and while only Karthus is confirmed as being born there, it’s no stretch to assume noble children, like J4 and Fiora, were born in the capital. **{{champion:122}} {{champion:119}} Darius and Draven:** Born to the coastal city of Basilich. They were teenagers when Noxus came to conquer their home, and definitely took it in their stride, just look at them now; one’s part of the Trifarix, the other’s stupid famous. {{champion:51}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:102}} **Caitlyn, Camille, Ezreal, Jayce, Orianna, Zac, Twitch, Jinx, Singed, Viktor, Ekko, Dr. Mundo, Vi, Warwick, Blitzcrank and...Shyvana:** Most of the champions of Piltover and Zaun were born in the city itself, though not all of them have extensive history on their childhoods. And yes, Shyvana was also born here because this is where her egg hatched and I count that as her being born here. ...Look don’t ask me Riot’s the one who decided to retcon her dad in to being human out of the blue ask them why they know better than I do! **{{champion:15}} Sivir:** Sivir’s family was murdered by bandits in The Great Sai, the largest desert of Shurima, and though no specific birthplace has been stated, chances are she was born here given how young she was when it happened. **{{champion:72}} Skarner:** While the Crystal Scar isn’t on the map we have, it was shown briefly in the biomes map that was showcased in the promotional video Riot made at the time of the map’s reveal, which showcased the Crystal Scar’s location and thus, Skarner’s birthplace. It also revealed… **{{champion:90}} Malzahar:** ...Malzahar’s birthplace Antathair, located just on the river’s edge of The Great Sai. Also not on the map, but revealed in the same video as the Crystal Scar was. **{{champion:268}} Azir:** Continuing the trend of royals born inn capitals, while not confirmed Azir being born in the City of Shurima is basically a given. **{{champion:101}} Xerath:** And as noted in Twilight of the Gods, Neramizeth, the old Shuriman city decimated by the Ascended, was the birthplace of Xerath. That’s why they wrecked it. Because Xerath wrecked everything they cared for. Yeah. **{{champion:131}} Diana:** The only Targonian with a specific birth location, though not super specific, just the eastern slopes of Mount Targon. She was born as her mum died, though where her original heritage lies is a mystery. {{champion:89}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:25}} **Leona, Zoe, Kayle and Morgana:** All four of these lasses were born on Mount Targon itself, though not in any particularly noted location. Kayle and Morgana of course were then taken by their father to what would become Demacia, while Zoe got whisked to Targon Prime seemingly and Leona stuck to her homeland. **{{champion:267}} Nami:** While where specifically in this part of the sea is debatable because the logistics of the Marai civilisation aren’t known, she was basically born somewhere in the stretch of sea known as Marai Territory. **{{champion:421}} Rek’Sai:** While not 100% confirmed Rek’Sai’s birthplace is most likely Sai Kahleek, given how well suited she is for living there and the fact the Voidborn are made of organic matter and thus are born in Runeterra, not the Void. **{{champion:145}} {{champion:163}} Kai’Sa and Taliyah:** Both these two Shurimans were born around the borders of Sai Kahleek and Icathia, with Kai’Sa being born to a settlement established near it, and Taliyah being born to her nomadic tribe who were stopping by. **{{champion:24}} {{champion:26}} Jax and Zilean:** While the logistics aren’t clear and they don’t have updated bios to explain further, both Jax and Zilean have been slotted in to the Icathian section of Runeterra, and thus were most likely born here before shit went sideways. **{{champion:143}} Zyra:** The exact location of the Gardens of Zyr, where Zyra originates from, aren’t clear, but it’s described as south of the Kumungu, which is basically everything south of the large river bisecting the jungles. {{champion:4}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:111}} **Twisted Fate, Illaoi, Miss Fortune, Gangplank and Nautilus:** All born to the Serpent Isles/Blue Flame Isles, but we don’t know much about what the Isles are like geographically beyond a broad overview, so they all get shoved in her. For more specifics, Illaoi was born on Buhru, Twisted Fate was born to the people who travel the Serpentine, a river on the main island, and Miss Fortune was raised on her mum’s private island. Nautilus and Gangplank have no confirmed birth location other than just being citizens of Bilgewater. **{{champion:104}} {{champion:555}} Graves and Pyke:** Unlike the above, both Pyke and Graves are confirmed born to Bilgewater itself, both not having the best of childhoods. **{{champion:83}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:57}} Yorick, Thresh and Maokai:** All three of these lads were born on the Blessed Isles, but where specifically is up for debate since, like the Serpent Isles, we really only know the location of one of its major cities: Helia. **{{champion:5}} Xin Zhao:** While not expressly stated, Xin Zhao spent his youth as a cabin boy on the Viscero, which ported at Raikkon. **{{champion:11}} Master Yi:** Born to the village of Wuju, the home of the practice of Wuju itself. Also the only surviving denizen of Wuju after Noxus bombed it to high hell. **{{champion:39}} {{champion:134}} Irelia and Syndra:** The specific locations aren’t known, but both Syndra and Irelia were born to the province of Navori in Ionia. **{{champion:98}} {{champion:84}} Shen and Akali:** Both Navori born, with the implication being they were born either near or within the Kinkou Monastery. Akali’s bio is more clear cut about this than Shen’s, but Shen’s confirms he is a Navori Ionian. **{{champion:103}} Ahri:** No specific location given for her birth other than being orphaned in the snowy hills of Northern Ionia, which is fairly easy to see from the map. **{{champion:43}} Karma:** No specifics given, but she is confirmed to have been born somewhere in Shon-Xan, and is currently the only known champion to be from that province. Whoo, and that’s all the current known locations taken care of. However, I’m nothing if not thorough, so now it’s time to detail specifics about champions not listed above, to explain why they’re not on the map, but also to divulge any details we’ve got. --- #**Champions that're not on the map**# {{champion:136}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:80}} **Aurelion Sol, Bard, Soraka and Pantheon:** All of them being celestials of some kind means they don’t have origins on Runeterra itself as far as we know. This is basically confirmed for A Sol and Soraka, for Bard it’s basically a given though not confirmed, and there’s not enough information to make a call on Pantheon because of Targon’s mysterious history. {{champion:161}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:96}} **Vel’Koz, Cho’Gath, Kha’Zix and Kog’Maw:** While all of them have ancient Shuriman names, Vel’Koz’s lore indicates he existed before that, so there’s no way of pinning down exact points of origins for these lads. Kha’Zix could be extrapolated to being from the borders between Icathia and the jungles, but that’s just a guess since Kha’Zix hasn’t received an updated bio. {{champion:516}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:56}} **Ornn, Anivia, Volibear, Kindred, Janna, Evelynn, Tahm Kench, Nocturne:** All of these champions have their origins tied to the Spirit Realm in some form or another, and as such can’t really be pinned down as being born to any particular location on Runeterra since their scope is far beyond a single place or time. While some of them, particularly the Freljordian demi-gods, have regional affiliation, that's just because it's where they're most regularly worshipped and recognized, and shouldn't be taken as gospel for their express influence on the world at large. **{{champion:127}} {{champion:427}} Lissandra and Ivern:** While both born in the ancient Freljord, there’s no indication as to where. {{champion:48}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:113}} **Trundle, Braum, Gragas, Nunu, Udyr and Sejuani:** While all native to the Freljord as far as we know, none of these champions have confirmed birth locations. The hardest to pin down would be Nunu’s, as his tribe, the Notai, were nomads and as such could’ve been basically anywhere in the Freljord at the time of his birth. {{champion:266}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:110}} **Aatrox, Nasus, Renekton and Varus:** All ancient Shurimans, however none of them have confirmed birth locations. Aatrox’s lore doesn’t actually state any of his pre-Ascended history, Varus’s homeland isn’t stated though his time as a human is described, and while Nasus and Renekton’s youths are explored in a fair amount of detail, their actual homeland isn’t specified by name. I'll also add Rhaast to this section cuz he's in the same boat despite not being a champion (as much as I wish he was). **{{champion:33}} {{champion:32}} Rammus and Amumu:** Their exact origins are complete unknowns, so their birthplaces are just giant question marks at the moment. **{{champion:38}} Kassadin:** Unlike his daughter because she’s of course his daughter how could she not be, Kassadin doesn’t have a specified birth location other than just being a Shuriman native. **{{champion:76}} {{champion:107}} Nidalee and Rengar:** While born in to the Shuriman jungles, where in them isn’t known. **{{champion:429}} {{champion:120}} Kalista and Hecarim:** While almost certainly born to the ancient empire of the Ruined King, the location of this empire is unknown. Based on Ledros’s description of the Argent Throne in "The Echoes Left Behind", I’d hazard a guess at it being around the Argent Mountains to the south east of Demacia, but that’s the best I’ve got and that best is a wild aproximation. **{{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} Xayah and Rakan:** While Xayah’s lore specifically states she comes from the Lhotlan highlands, these lands don’t appear on the map, and there’s no clear indication of where they are. The easiest guess would be the mountain range down the middle of the main portion of Ionia and how she met Rakan in Vlonquo, which is near this part of Ionia, but beyond that there’s not much to go on. Rakan is even more of a mystery since his childhood isn’t described at all, so it’s not clear if he’s from the highlands or from a different part of Ionia. **{{champion:62}} Wukong:** The exact location of the Shimon tribe that Wukong hails from is unknown. Logic would dictate it’s in Bahrl, close enough to Master Yi such that Wukong wouldn’t have to scour a huge amount of Ionia to find him, but that’s just a guess on my part. **{{champion:141}} {{champion:238}} Kayn and Zed:** Neither have birth locations, Zed just being picked by up the Kinkou as a child, and Kayn being from Noxus, but his history before arriving on Ionia’s shores being completely unknnown. **{{champion:202}} Jhin:** While likely born to Zhyun as it’s where he began his reign of terror, it’s not confirmed as his childhood is a mystery at present. **{{champion:64}} Lee Sin:** Basically no confirmed birth location. At all. He’s been to the Hirana Monastery in the province of Ralin in Ionia, but beyond that we know nothing of his history before then. **{{champion:157}} Yasuo:** Same boat as Lee Sin, basically. Sorry Yasuo. **{{champion:8}} {{champion:7}} Vladimir and LeBlanc:** Both predate Noxus, but their exact origins are unknown, as the kingdom Vladimir comes from hasn’t been described much, and LeBlanc has no confirmed origin at present, and likely won’t for a long, long time. **{{champion:14}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:6}} Sion, Talon, Urgot:** While all born to Noxus, it’s unknown where. Talon’s lore hasn’t been updated, so it’s not guaranteed he comes from the City of Noxus, while Sion and Urgot are complete unknowns. **{{champion:3}} {{champion:517}} Galio and Sylas:** While both have specific birth locations (Durand’s workshop and the Dregbourne respectively), neither of these locations appear on the map. We only know that they’re in Demacia itself, but that's fairly vague and I'm only mapping what I can realistically put to somewhere based on either geography or place names. **{{champion:67}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:44}} Vayne, Lucian, Sona, Taric:** While all Demacian born, none of them have confirmed birth locations. Sona’s the trickiest to pin down at present because her old lore had her as an Ionian immigrant, which is...tricky, in the current lore to say the least. Taric's perhaps the most annoying because he has a defined backstory as the sonn of a high standing Demacian family disgraced by his own negligence of duty, but has no confirmed birthplace outside of just being Demacian. **{{champion:82}} Mordekaiser:** While likely born on Valoran, any specifics to his birth location are totally unknown at present. **{{champion:12}} Alistar:** While the Great Barrier described in his lore is still on the map, whether it’s his birth location or not is up to date is debatable to say the least. Unlike Jax and Zilean where there’s been Icathian lore to extrapolate from, Alistar’s not got enough to go on at the moment to confirm one way or another. Consider this me playing safe with Alistar. **{{champion:9}} Fiddlesticks:** Likely from Valoran, but beyond that no specifics given about his birth location. Probably somewhere not belonging to one of the major established regions. Maybe Tokogol or the Arbormark? I only mention those because they're the only named regions in Valoran we know of at present that aren't Demacia, Noxus or the Freljord. **{{champion:518}} Neeko:** Born on an island to the east, the specifics of where that island are is a complete mystery at present. Given Ezreal has documented islands that’re too small to appear on the map, we might not ever see it’s actual location. **{{champion:13}} Ryze:** While born to the village of Khom, that village’s location is totally unknown, other than, at the moment, it’s an obliterated ruin sitting beneath a sea somewhere. **{{champion:35}} Shaco:** His current lore has him as a cursed marionette given to a prince, but where that prince was is unknown at present. {{champion:42}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:115}} (No Yuumi icon yet sorry) **All the Yordles and Yuumi:** While the yordles (and of course Yuumi) are from Bandle City (as far as we know anyway), that’s located in the Spirit Realm, and as such has no physical location on Runeterra to map them on. **{{champion:54}} Malphite:** The biggest unknown of the lot and probably the champion who’s in the most dire need of a lore update in my opinion. At present, it’s completely impossible to place his homeland and birth location. There’s not even a hint of it. --- And that’s everything! Let me know what you think, and feel free to point out any mistakes I made along the way. Otherwise, I hope you all have a great day!
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