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Shipping:A term used to describe fan fictions that take previously created characters and put them as a pair. (Urban Dictionary) So this post is about some of the shippings with at least a little bit of substance. Please point out any i missed or just ones you like. While this is far from authoritative this is a good starting point for shippers to make their own parrings. {{champion:498}} +{{champion:497}} Duh {{champion:51}} +{{champion:254}} I dont see it, but others explained it well enough I feel that if im impartial i should include it. {{champion:222}} +{{champion:245}} I did not know this was a thing till I started checking out ships. I guess no one taught him the rule about crazy. {{champion:61}} +{{champion:53}} Sentient robots that are alone in the world besides each other and both amazing people. Okay I can dig it. {{champion:22}} +{{champion:23}} Pretty sure this use to be cannon before the reboot. They share skin themes and heartseaker ashe is a reference. {{champion:68}} +{{champion:18}} Not sure where this stands in the new lore, but it use to be a thing. {{champion:117}} +{{champion:45}} While lulu isnt neccessarily evil, she isn't good either. She might find Veigars drive charming. One-sided for sure. {{champion:102}} +{{champion:59}} I think that while neither would pursue it for now, potentially in the future. He did risk life and limb for her. Friends for now. {{champion:119}} +{{champion:119}} Narcissism is a thing. And honestly its intense enough to make this list. {{champion:86}} +{{champion:55}} Never going anywhere but i dont think they have eyes for any other. {{champion:203}} +{{champion:203}} Someone got me thinking about it, and now its stuck in my head. Not sure if this counts because their one entity, but not, but they are.... {{champion:81}} +{{champion:99}} At least a thing in the Star Guardian universe, not sure where it stands in Runeterra {{champion:238}} +{{champion:134}} Well, not familiar with this one, but can see where it comes from. {{champion:44}} +{{champion:81}} *sigh*... This is for you, die hard shippers. {{champion:141}} +{{champion:238}} same thing here {{champion:163}} +{{champion:157}} Shippers apparently dont check age. I seriously have so many issues with this that if I didn’t think that maybe 10-15 years latter and their both single still, maybe? {{champion:157}} +{{champion:92}} I mean their both outcasts and toxic so why not? {{champion:41}} +{{champion:420}} He got dumped, but it was a thing. Point out ones I missed or your own favorite shippings! Release the dogs of war and Let the debate begin! oh and anyone who puts down {{champion:103}} with either{{champion:420}} or{{champion:161}}... no. do not. just stop now before it’s too late. Oh gosh the images are burned into my brain and can’t get out.
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