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Shipping:A term used to describe fan fictions that take previously created characters and put them as a pair. (Urban Dictionary) So this post is about some of the shippings with at least a little bit of substance. Please point out any i missed or just ones you like. While this is far from authoritative this is a good starting point for shippers to make their own parrings. {{champion:498}} +{{champion:497}} Duh {{champion:51}} +{{champion:254}} I dont see it, but others explained it well enough I feel that if im impartial i should include it. {{champion:61}} +{{champion:53}} Sentient robots that are alone in the world besides each other and both amazing people. Okay I can dig it. {{champion:22}} +{{champion:23}} Pretty sure this use to be cannon before the reboot. They share skin themes and heartseaker ashe is a reference. {{champion:68}} +{{champion:18}} +{{champion:17}} A love triangle from the old days. May come back in the new lore. {{champion:117}} +{{champion:45}} While lulu isnt neccessarily evil, she isn't good either. She might find Veigars drive charming. One-sided for sure. {{champion:102}} +{{champion:59}} I think that while neither would pursue it for now, potentially in the future. He did risk life and limb for her. Friends for now. {{champion:119}} +{{champion:119}} Narcissism is a thing. And honestly its intense enough to make this list. {{champion:50}} +{{champion:7}} Hinted about in old lore {{champion:86}} +{{champion:55}} Never going anywhere but i dont think they have eyes for any other. {{champion:203}} +{{champion:203}} Someone got me thinking about it, and now its stuck. Not sure if this counts because their one entity, but not, but they are.... {{champion:81}} +{{champion:99}} So this use to be a lot more popular, but they do share that free spirited nature and both roam runeterra. Maybe fall for each other after running into each other a few times. there are others but they lacked substance and when I inquired as to why it was usually just becasue they could, rather than based off the characters personalities. Point out ones I missed or your own favorite shippings! Let the debate begin! P.S. Please upvote just so this can get on the front page and more debate can happen. Don't have to but i would like to see a discussion form.
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