Riot writers, what do you have against the "usual" good guys?

I'm seriously asking why you are so keen in turning the tables with the stereotipes of the good and the bad guys and make any angelic figure as much as unhuman and distant from any kind of common moral while making darkness related characters not only more in tune with the human behaviors but also more likeable and closer to ethics and morals that make them the good guys. This is no more about that damned "grey zone", you are actively making it so that even the Darkins are more likeable of Demacia as a whole and Kayle. Even in Kayle new lore, all you do is a praise to Morgana being the compassionate one and Kayle realizing she was wrong all along deciding then to take a pilgrimage in order to be even less human and more apathetic. What the freak happened to you? Did an Angel hurt you irl or are you all still in "that phase" where everything dark is cool and everything holy is boring?
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