All I like and I don't like about Kayle & Morgana reworks

_**I like**_ Kayle with 6 wings. Yay! It would be cool if she would have 2 wings, then 4 and then 6. Morgana new waifu confirmed, she have legs now! All animations and effects are amazing _**I don't like:**_ Morgana with 4 wings. I personally like 2 or 6, but those 4 wings looks dumb. Why Morgana have to look like a dark Xayah and Kayle have to look like a angelical Pantheon? Kayle with that neck. Is that a giraffe? Kayle armour colours, I would like to see something similar to the original Kayle not being blonde,w_912,h_516,f_auto,q_auto,g_auto/shape/cover/sport/5b689d6d021cebc1c5000064.jpeg Kayle bodysuit, I mean... I think she don't need necessarily heavy armor but that's TOO light for her.
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