Would Morgana be seen as an enemy or ally to Atreus/Pantheon?

Reading through Pantheon's new lore, he is basically at war with all those who yeild great powers, to protect mortals drawn into divine conflicts. This makes him an enemy of every Demon, Aspect, Ascended, Demi-God, and so on. But where does Morgana fall into this, given her unique circumstances? Morgana who while ascended, only sought to protect and not judge, leading to her downfall. She has bound herself to the earth so she may no longer ascend, seeking to protect those facing divine judgement... It would seem to me their goals aren't too entirely different, especially with Morgana being an exile willing but unable to sever her wings entirely- However, she is still a divine immortal being of great power, and her motives could be seen as dubious. So does Pantheon think of her as another part of the problem, or a potential ally?.
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