Swain, where are you? We're ready to see you now! o.O

I wish he could pull a poppy in patch 8.2 and has no teasers like urgot but will have an amazing trailer before hitting live. I'm so desperate now and patch 8.2 will hit live jan 30 i believe( so 3 weeks left, nothings impossible ). And only the gragas skin will come out in patch 8.2 so the chances of swain is in 8.4 while 8.3 is for lunar revel and valentines skins (but they could be in the same patch too). Not only that but it will prolong the schedule of new champs and VGUs. Now that i'm hoping that riot could release 11 new champs/VGU's this year and with this schedule its going down real quick... jeez.. i thought riot is progressing and it sucks if there is no swain in january... small indie company btw that make millions of money everyday...
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