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Hey everyone! Welcome to the Story & Art board! I wanted to take some time to discuss this board from the standpoint of art. A lot of teams at Riot are touched by art in some way or another. There's a lot of disciplines working together all the time to create awesome content. Some of the components of the Art Team are: * Concept - Usually 2D artists in charge of the idea phase of an asset. Concept artists work on everything from character creation, to environment design, UI and illustration. They help flesh out our world and design the next new thing, or reinvent the old. * 3D Character - 3D artists who work in Zbrush, Maya and other programs to built and texture the character models you see in game. Whether they be champions, skins, creatures, or anything that's a life form, these guys make it into an actual thing. * 3D Environment - 3D artists who make our maps in which our characters live in. They use the same tools as character artists to build the world that the game is played in. They set the stage for our characters to stand on. * Animation - Animators bring static objects to life. Anything that has to move is moved by them. Characters that run, creatures who hop, structures that crumble. If it moves, our animators made it do so. * VFX - Visual Effects Artists, sometimes referred to as Particle Artists, are responsible for our effects in the game. Whether they come from a character, a prop, a creature, or an item. VFX artists make the spells fly. * Motion Graphics - MoGraph artists bring our login screens to life. They make our mana bars bubble, our logos move and generally make a ton of awesome. They weave spells which I still don't understand to move 2D assets and make them live.  * **LOTS OF OTHER ARTISTS** - We never want to leave anyone out, but we have a ton of amazing people who work in the Art Team, and I may be forgetting some. Hopefully they'll come smack me on the back of the head if I forget them. For art discussions in this board, here's what we'd like to do! Generally this is a place where we'd like to host discussions about art in League of Legends. This means that this is the place to discuss such things as, but not limited to: **Character design:** How our champions, skins, creatures or other characters look and feel. **Art process:** How we go about designing, creating and bringing to life the things you see in League of Legends. **Feedback:** You letting us know what you think, and us letting you know why we do the things we do. A two-way street for us to jam. Those are just a few topics that can be encompassed in this board. If you want to know how we make art, this is the place to find out!! If you notice a mistake, feel passionate about a direction we've taken, or just want to discuss art in general, here's your place! Promoting a respectful and engaging place for our artists to post and our players to ask, discuss, or just hang out. As a side note, skin and champion concepts should be posted elsewhere on the Boards. We love your art and ideas; however, please share them on the Skins & Champion Concepts board! With all that said, welcome!
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