Can we have more information about this guy?

(EDIT: I did a champion concept for him here: I absolutely love this dude. it was first shown in the Ekko trailer: Seconds. He is basically like a giant Frankenstein monster with some cyborg things going on. (Or Hitler on steroids don't know) Even if he share a similar theme goin on with Urgot, i think this dude's design is enough original to be his own thing in the game. I'm pretty sure he is from Zaun since that's the plae where all these things going on, and it would be absolutely great to see him like this badass Juggernaut from Zaun steamrolling through everything. You could say it would be kinda like a Sion clone, but Sion is more of a full tank, and we do not have any Juggernaut from Zaun. He just look too fking cool, just work on him please
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