Cancelled Champions: Who would you want revived?

Canceled champion
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So with the recent revelation of Husk, it's got me thinking: what cancelled champions are truly deserving of a second shot in modern League of Legends? Obviously it's unlikely that we'll ever actually see any of them (hence why they were cancelled) but I'm honestly curious: if the community had the chance to revive just one scrapped character, who would it be and why? Obviously some scrapped champions have technically made it into the game by serving as influences for the current roster (Ao Shin for Aurelion Sol, Seth for Azir, etc.), but there are still a fair few that, to this cover, cover some unique ideas/achetypes that we don't really see in the game. Again, this isn't meant to be a petition to revive characters who are obviously already dead or trying to cling to some hope that we can see them brought back in some form. It's more just my genuine curiosity who the player base would bring back if given the option to do so.
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