Caitlyn Prestige Art Issues and how I fixed it

If you haven't seen the new Caitlyn Presitge Arcade Skin, its a pretty cool skin with a very nice recall animation. However the Splash art of the skin is very nice, BUT it isn't anatomically correct. While i was browsing youtube i discovered a video addressing the problem by **TB Skyren**. He did photoshop the image, but it wasn't the best of quality and I wanted to make it seem better. I took around 30 minutes of photoshop to the Prestige Splash art and created a better more realistic looking caitlyn skin. I have 3 Links, the first the youtube video adressing the problem to cleary understand the problem, the next link is the original splash art, and the last link is my splash art. Although its not the best its not the worst. Riot and the Artists can use it as reference to help create an almost perfect art, no hate just helping. I'll post a video later on how I did it too later. -Hydra Also if you want to spot the differences between mine and the original open both in new tabs and click rapidly to see the changes. Link 1: [Youtube Video]( Link 2: [Original Splash Art]( Link 3: [My photoshoped Art](
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