Another day, another disappointed main

We've had Varus, we've had Nautilus, we've even had Vladimir. Now I beg you for a little attention for Poison Ivy: > Born in an ancient, sorcerous catastrophe, Zyra is the wrath of nature given form—an alluring hybrid of plant and human, kindling new life with every step. She views the many mortals of Valoran as little more than prey for her seeded progeny, and thinks nothing of slaying them with flurries of deadly spines. Though her true purpose has not been revealed, Zyra wanders the world, indulging her most primal urges to colonize, and strangle all other life from it. Because this is Poison Ivy. Rito, I have always defended you when someone spoke in this way about Zyra and sometimes it was a tough fight, but back then there were arguments to support my claim. With this update you took them away. Everything that made Zyra distinct from Poison Ivy was replaced with the exact opposite and what is worst... she is now not only Ivy's copy, but her arguably worst adaptation's copy: the Batman and Robin movie one. You replaced unique **environmental** catastrophe origin story with lazy, unexplained "sorcerous catastrophy", which is not only how Uma Thurman's (still one of my most favourite actresses btw) Ivy came to be, but how every comics "destroy the world" villain came to be. Which brings us to another point: Why does Zyra want to destroy the world now? Exactly the same way Poison Ivy wants to? Old Zyra was a relatable character because first she only wanted to survive and after that she just **wanted to see**. She wanted to explore and yes, it is completely different thing that the only way she knew how was to kill and eat everything. That was actually room for so much potential to expand on! She could encounter people who would guide her to find an actual goal, who would teach her that she doesn't need to kill everyone, who would show her the Immortal bastion, who would show her the Sun disc of Shurima... And you instead choose to say that she just wants to kill everyone, spread everywhere, **but her true motive is still unknown** and you don't even feel stupid writing that. Which you wouldn't have to, ***if*** you had that "true purpose" in your mind, which I doubt. YOU MIGHT HAVE MEANT IT THE SAME WAY AS I TELL YOU RIGHT NOW YOU SHOULD HAVE. But if that is the case, you screwed up your wording really bad. Please, tell me you did. I don't want your appology, just you to fix it. Tell me "her true purpose has not been revealed" because she doesn't know it yet either. ___ Thank you for your attention. Zyra fanart by me to remind you to eat healthy.
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