For those who say new Willump isn't "Yeti" enough

>yeti ˈjɛti noun a large hairy creature resembling a human or bear, said to live in the highest part of the Himalayas. It's been an ongoing trend with Riot to differentiate their own character archetypes from the bare-bones stereotypes they're based on. Galio still very much IS a Gargoyle; as in a statue meant to repel evil spirits and magics, he was just made to fit into Riot's updated version of Demacia and Runeterra. Warwick is THE Werewolf, but he's more than just a once-a-month kind of Furry but rather a weird chemtech splice of several different creatures, a chimeric abomination that haunts the streets of Zaun. And new Willump is just that; He's still the abominable Snowman character, this elusive, tall, furry, somewhat humanoid mountain dweller. But Riot decided to put a different spin on it, to make the archetype THEIR own. And that's how it's going to be with champions like Mordekaiser and Pantheon, who are both just very unimaginative stereotypes of already existing characters. I for one adore what they did with Nunu, it preserves their theme, nay even improves on it, and it really looks like Riot put so much love and effort into making Nunu truly unique. Now we just wait for his Skins and kit. And gods have mercy on us if Nunu Bot is even more of a meme than it already is.
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