Ionia's possible storylines and the Noxian problem

Hi everyone! Today I’d like to talk about Ionia and some of its issues, especially regarding Noxus. I’ve been sitting on that thread for quite some time and finally decided to finish it. So first of all, disclaimer – I’m not saying Ionia’s stories are bad or anything. I’m just pointing out some issues I’ve seen people talk about a lot. Also, this isn’t as good a post I’d like it to be, so don’t judge me please. D: Without further ado, let’s get into it! ________________________________ ######**_~~Introduction~~_** The Noxian invasion was the event that exacted a deep change on Ionia, both in mentalities and other stuffs. It allowed things like Varus’s release, as well as Syndra’s awakening. Storywise, the Noxian invasion was a good thing, as it gave us conflicts within Ionia, and new possible storylines. However, the Noxian invasion, despite being a good device to bring change for Ionia, also comes with its lot of problems. **Noxus has way too much importance on Ionia’s stories right now.** Don’t get me wrong, it’s entirely normal that Noxus occupies an important part for Ionia right now given the impact it has had on the region. However, it somehow feels like Ionia is being defined by Noxus invading them. Awaken’s events even imply that Noxus will be coming back, even if we don’t know the context. I’m not here to argue about why I think Noxus has too much presence in Ionian stories, but rather to offer other things that I’d like explored. I’d like to note that some of these thoughts are from long discussions with my friends from the [Lore of League server](, so naturally, some credit goes to them as well! ######**_~~Ionia’s History and the Ionian Wars~~_** We know, from the map and some Rioter comments, that in ages past, Ionia went through great wars, and that there are remains of these wars in Ionia, even if people don’t know what these remains mean. We are told Ionia’s history is rich and has much longer than any living soul could claim to know. However, we know almost nothing of this history. I have no doubt it’s interesting and very rich, but there’s very little on it. Why were there wars? Who where the peoples fighting? What were they fighting for? How? For how long? I know it’s a bit more complicated to explore because most Ionian champions live in the current era, but I believe someone like Karma could give us some interesting bits about Ionian History, even if it’s just a sentence she says in her yet-to-be color story. ######**_~~The Civil War~~_** So that one is a bit odd. We know there’s some sort of civil war stirring in Ionia… But we have little to no idea who are the people fighting. The Order of Shadows? Great, but we have very little info on them (we’re getting the Zed comic soon-ish so that should help). The Navori Brotherhood? Who are these guys anyway? Is that it? Two groups? Who else is there? What do they want to do? I’m being exaggerative of course, but you get the point. We’ve been told there are conflicts emerging in Ionia, but we have little to no idea what’s going on with that, it’s all very vague. What are the forces at play? What do they want? What are the champions’ place in all that? Unlike other regions where we know what shit’s gonna go down, there’s little appeal right now for Ionia’s potential storylines, unless you’re very interested in the region. ######**_~~Spirit Magic and the Spirit Realm~~_** Last time I said I’d like to have more Spirit Magic and Spirit Realm related stuff with Ionia, I got shut down so hard. But still, Ionia is _the_ place with an important connection to the Spirit Realm, and thus to Spirit Magic, and I’d love for that to be explored as well. Champions like Shen (and his Kinkou) and Karma are probably very knowledgeable about it, so they can be used to explore that further. We have vague ideas of what Spirit Magic does, and what the Spirit Realm is, and while it doesn’t need to be explained in detail, some bits about it would still be very interesting. ######**_~~Some other stuff~~_** _Disclaimer, this is what I personally think could have a great scale impact/storytelling, not that it necessarily will, so take this with a grain of salt._ _**~~The Vastaya~~**_ So, apart from Xayah and Rakan who are playing rebels, I wonder how the relation between humans and Vastaya will evolve. They need magic to live, but this magic is constantly harnessed by humans. However, if the magic was once again allowed to flow freely like Xayah want it to, then humans couldn’t live. So, what’s the right thing to do? How will things play out? _**~~Zed and the Order of Shadows ~~**_ Zed is meddling with dark forces which are destructive and corruptive. His use of Shadow Magic quinlons steal and disturb the natural magic of the land. How does that affect the balance? Why does no one give a shit, apart from X&R so far? _**~~Syndra~~**_ I know, I know. Call me biased, but I think Syndra’s a big deal and could (and should!) have a great impact on nowadays’ Ionia. She’s in a vacuum currently, and I’m not talking about her own character development or her learning about her powers here, I’m talking about the general impact she could have on Ionia. She was shown to be a force to be reckoned with, and I think Riot should use her to bring some change in Ionia. Won’t make her evil/bad (relative notions, I know), because that’s something I don’t want, but she can still cause a lot of trouble. _**~~Ionia’s place in the world ~~**_ This one bit is a bit weird, so don’t give it too much attention. But Ionia is very isolated, and has had little to no interactions with other regions/countries (barring Noxus). I know it’s normal given the geographical isolation, but I’d still like some interactions with the outer world at some point. Or rather, we know of some (Gangplank/Zed, as well as the Black Mist reaching southern Ionia), but we know nothing about those. Although who knows what’s East of Ionia…? :p _____________________________________________ So that’s it. Excuse me for the low quality post, I eventually realized I didn’t have that much things to say, so I added some pictures to make it so it's a cool post :'). In all honesty, I just like the region, but I’m not a diehard fan of Ionia, so that’s probably why. Anyway, let me know what you think, what you’d like to see! Have a wonderful day/afternoon/evening!
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