Kayn Vs Rhaast who wins canonically?

I believe that the answer is Kayn. For a few reasons actually I believe that Kayn would if the story ever continues would defeat Rhaast. The first and most obvious point is that when Rhaast wins he seems to suggest that Kayn still exists. "Kayn weeps in the oblivion between worlds, Idiot." While Kayn suggests that Rhaast is truly destroyed. "I bested the darkin, now the plan continues" "The darkin is gone, our enemies are next" "I have snuffed out the darkin, who dares stand against me" "In death, Rhaast now serves me" All imply that Rhaast is killed when he loses the struggle. While Rhaast implies that Kayn is still alive in SOME manner. What's more Kayn in victory sees Rhaast as a mere roadblock while Rhaast seems to at least have some measure of respect "I have broken the great Kayn, you think you can defeat me?" This seems to apply that Kayn's "will" is actually **GREATER ** then Rhaast's. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's more Rhaast gains power when Kayn fight's melee champions which would include other assassins and generally beefy tanks or fighters. While tanks and fighters are of course traditionally the bane of assassins it should be noted that Kayn is either an older teenager or a young adult (we don't know his age exactly but he's around that age.) So not only is he at an even bigger physical disadvantage against fighters and tanks, but also other assassins. He may be a talented fighter but he cant beat assassins champions due to a lack of experience. Rhaast wins when Kayn is at a fundamental DISADVANTAGE. While Kayn is fighting the less protected mages and ADC's (AKA what would be his natural targets.) Despite their playstyle Rhaast needs to subvert Kayn (something he is likely unfamiliar with as a concept, Rhaast never inspired armies like aatrox, he just kills shit) Rather then brute forcing it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's more is that Kayn is heading toward Ionia. If he was say stuck in the middle of Noxus then Rhaast could potentially possess Kayn during a moment of weakness. Which would be more likely if he was legit surrounded by enemies. However once Kayn get's to Ionia and the Order of Shadow's what's Rhaast going to do? Kayn while seeking to become the leader of the order of shadows he still seems to respect Zed to some extent. "It should not have come to this, Zed" "You taught me too well master" "Together Zed, we are unstoppable" It seems that Kayn does not intend to forcefully take control of the order of Shadows from Zed. In fact it seems more like "Take Rhaast to the Order of Shadows. Then kill him and take full control of the Blade of Millenium. This will impress Zed so much that he will grant me leadership." Since none of his actions that seem likely would A. Empower Rhaast or B. Leave Kayn Vulnerable it seems likely that lore wise Kayn should win the battle killing Rhaast and becoming the Shadow Assassin ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So that's just what I think. What about you? Give your thoughts in the comments below I'd like to see them!
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