@RIOT Can we at least get an explanation as to why the decision was made regarding the Sona emote?

Can we *please* get an explanation as to why this decision was made? I can't think of a single good reason as to why this was done. Why didn't you do this with the Space Lizard or Odyssey emotes? Or better yet why didn't you make an emote that relates to this program? Why did it have to be a champion-focused emote? Jinx fans... Yasuo fans... Malphite fans... they get their emotes... but Sona's fans won't. So, so many Sona fans are just completely devastated because none of us are going to be able to obtain content for the champion we love. Just look at any discussions about it on the boards, or the league and *especially* the Sona mains subreddits. People are completely crushed because you've completely barred this away from us. Honestly, the only realistic option many of us have is to buy a code off of Ebay from someone who won it and wants to sell it at an exorbitant price. How is this okay in your eyes? Why did you do this? I don't follow content creators. I don't have the time to camp their content pages and Sona communities for their giveaways. I have work, sleep, a social life... I can't do it, Riot. I'm completely willing to pay money to buy it just like other fans got to... but for some reason you guys won't let us. Why? Please, tell us why, and do the right thing and fix this. Please, just let us buy the emote, like everyone else got to. Theres no good reason we shouldn't be able to. On behalf of Sona's entire fanbase, please let us have it. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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