Does Petricite Affect the Void, Chemtech, and Hextech. If so in what way?

The reason I'm asking is for a multipart story that I want to make and I'm looking to see the degree that the Demacian stone affects magic. Reason being that while I've seen that it affects magic, there aren't many instances of Demacians fighting against the listed attributes and their respective lore regions. - I'd expect Hextech to be nullified or completely extinguished, but Hextech from what I've seen is more along the lines of Chemical and liquid-based meaning that I could only see it maybe dampening any energy based effects it has. - The void, on the other hand, I haven't seen many influences of this conflicting with the material in the lore if any at all and if I had to guess conclusions that I can make would have the Demacian stone act like a poison to the creatures. Or not affect them at all, but as the void energy is like a living thing I believe that it can be affected by it. However I have no evidence and as such, this is why I'm asking as to find an accurate foothold. - My reason for looking into it so much is not really much, but there is an important aspect that my story will conflict with the various magical attributes on Runeterra due to its nature and I want to accurately describe it. Thank you for reading, really the question is in the Title. But I wanted to give my own perspective and reasoning for asking as well.
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