Hextech Skins and their worth

This is just a discussion on if the hextech skins are really worth it. When playing the game, its hard enough to get the chests along with the keys without paying for them. Its hilariously expensive to buy the boxes to get a CHANCE to get the gemstones which are at a hilariously low rate of drop for boxes so you have to spend an absurd amount of money (there are plenty of videos of streamers doing this as evidence). I have a hextech skin myself, its hextech annie and frankly its very underwhelming for the amount of effort/money spent to get the gemstones to get that skin. It is just a regular skin, no voice changes (from what ive identified, correct me if im wrong) The backing animation is the same (i think, correct me if im wrong) and everything else about the champ with that skin is the same as the base model save for just visual changes. For the amount of money to get that kind of skin, its not worth it in my honest opinion.
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