Garen, Sona & Vi Animated Portraits

Vi's teaser is up.. her gauntlets got destroyed, it was smoke. Garen's teaser is up I'm speechless Edit: On a hype-less/theory-less look, there is a fine line on her throat as well as a target sign behind her. She has been shot through her throat. :( The previous Zed teaser has been removed That's why Zed's eyes don't glow anymore, he is ~~dead~~. (wishful thinking :s) [Source]( They all have "dead" eyes. hmm Something that the four of them definitely have in common is that they all hurt the ones they loved at some point. (Reddit) As well as a personal opinion, it doesn't have to do with vengeance as that would be kind of reductive, we already have a vengeance themed champion (and an adc at that!, "Deadeye" is rumored to be an adc champion), Kalista. Another personal opinion, from something I just noticed: What if it is the champions' deepest wishes or fears? Zed is essentially "dead", he has been like that since the Forbidden Techniques took over him. And so in his artwork he has branches sprouting out of him, which symbolizes life. 1. His biggest wish is to feel alive again, break free from the shadows and thus losing the power or 2. His biggest fear is being alive again, which would mean losing his power. Garen is the definite "Demacian Standard" icon. And so in his gif, his eye is covered by a mirror (?) that is shattering, which imo symbolizes falsity. 1. His biggest wish is to break free from the oppressive feeling and lifestyle that come from being this "Demacian Standard", which he truly isn't or 2. His biggest fear is that he won't be the ideal icon anymore, and won't enjoy the recognition as well as respect and w/e that comes from being false. Sona is pretty self explanatory, she is a mute. In her artwork, her "voice" is either abandoning or coming back to her. I think it is coming back. 1. Her biggest wish is to get her voice back and end her monotony, maybe she is tired of the Etwhal or 2. Her biggest fear is getting her voice back as that would probably result in some conflict with her Etwhal, and she would lose her powers. Vi is the most mysterious by far but I think I've figured out what those flame-like smokes are. Imo, her gloves exploded or suffered a malfunction, hence the smoke, and she seems relieved/conflicted. 1. Her biggest wish is to break free of her current lifestyle, which is full of violence, with her being the main contributor or 2. Her biggest fear is of breaking free of violence, which is who Vi fundamentally is, she lives for fighting. Maybe it is a new champion that plays on the concept of "be careful what you wish for", on the concept of desire crushed by fear, inner conflict? Just my 2 cents. _**INFO**_: - Moobeat has found this "events/20151228_jhin/Zed.gif" in some Garena assets for these files. I don't know what Deadeye is, but Jhin is an event. - The shadows that surround Zed in his teaser aren't his own shadows. They are present in Sona's new artwork as well, which means that whoever is doing whatever is happening to Zed, Garen, Vi and Sona, is probably the one causing them.
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