Why does lore explain and then misdiscribe Petricite

Petricite (known as the trees) are cut down and then made into a formula that involves the Petricite (wood) and mixed with Ash and Lime (I presume the rock), to then make Petricite (Steel?). Petricite (Steel / Less Wood?) is from that point claimed to be part of a steel component in Petricite Steel or simpley a Rock/Stone. Why is that, i wonder? Edit: I'm not trying to be aggressive by the way, even though I've been in a super bad mood lately ;p I just felt there was inconsistency, but I had a slight misunderstanding about Petrified Forest and 'Petricite Grove'. I assumed the trees were like that 'naturally (in a magical world sense..?)'. Now I'm curious I'd they were magical PRIOR to the petrification or the petrification is (extra?) magical in nature
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