Neeko will be the first champion whose release skin is legacy

Not counting very old champions which have release skins that are legacy now, but used to be not. Neeko is the first champion released with a skin that is already treated as legacy. Granted, it will be semi-permanent (avaliable for one year due to it being her release skin). However, I am curious to why Riot can't just make this skin permanent? They used to do that. For example, Bard had his first skin besides his release skin released as permanent. Even though it was part of a Snowdown series that he shared with Gnar and Syndra. They even shared the same splash arts. However, Gnar and Syndra's skins were made legacy, but Bard's skin was not. They also did this with Diana and her Lunar Goddess skin, a long time ago. Starting with Sweetheart Xayah and Rakan, however, they stopped doing that. Instead they make the skin "permanent" for one year. Then it is finally made legacy. They do this only if that is the first skin besides their release skin. However, Neeko's skin is literally her releasee skin, yet it is treated as legacy. Why Riot stopped making exceptions of permanent skins in those cases?
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