Why League of Legends ERASED its own story

Why League of Legends ERASED its own story
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I think its pretty tragic that the games lore is pretty much ruined for a lot of people because they 1. made a poor story to start with 2. decided to scrap the story that people who cared about the lore of the game already knew and were invested in. (seriously wtf) Even if the writing staff for Riot is good at coming up with a 'replacement lore' for everything they deleted, none of what they produce will ever be cared about by the vast majority of the fan base. It will simply piss off the people who cared about the lore before, and those who didn't care about the lore are just going to be confused by the conflicting story. I play a lot of RPG games and read a lot, I like stories. But the butchery that they've made of league's previous lore just pisses me off.
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