Cho'Gath: Why is he important, and how can we make him matter?

[]( Hello boards people! It is I, your somewhat amicable neighborhood Cho'Gath enthusiast here to prompt some discussion on our poor forgotten void child. It's been an eternity since cho'gath was anything close to relevant in the lore. Although I know that won't change anytime soon, it sure would be nice if he were present. So today I ask you, lovely boards population and lurking lovers of the void dinosaur, what you think (and provide some thoughts of my own!) Do you think we should get some vague sense of direction for him in the lore before his eventual VGU? (As in, some idea of a location he's connected to other than the Void, since we know only the Watchers live there so he must be somewhere, or characters who have heard stories/seen him, or some very general understanding of his wants/behavior?) Where should be be? How should Riot communicate that? What do we want from him? What do we know about him now? Would a color story be too much investment for something slated for rework? How about a new short or long bio? Mention in a different story? And if a Rioter decides to respond, is there anything *currently* in the works to help place this poor lad in the world? If I had to answer personally, I would say for the time being any mention of Cho'Gath is good enough, but I hope Riot doesn't reduce him. He was a leader, intelligent and cruel, and a threat to even the most powerful warriors. Don't make him something an ascended can just handle by themselves. Don't remove his hate or his ambition (instead, emphasize them!). He should be a weapon, tailored by the watchers to threaten even their deadliest foes, yet not entirely under their control. He should look down on humans, spirits, and other "lesser" beings as vermin unfit to scramble across the surface of ~~this~~ **his** doomed world. He should see the Voidtouched and weaker voidborn as hollow puppets, wastes of energy and space that could belong to him. I'd love for us to get some look at him through an outside story or a short bio update. Something that doesn't restrict the potential for creative development on the part of Riot but at least gives something more for us fans to work with than the mere knowledge he exists. I'd love to hear what you guys have to say!
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