Final statement on Shyvana's bio (Still no response by Riot)

In case you were late to the show: I made two [previous]( [posts]( regarding a few...questionable retcons of Shyvana's lore, considering she already had a well established and modernized biography that many players came to feel very connected with. Now don't worry, this is probably going to be the last in my trilogy of Shyvana posts, but here I simply want to make a few statements and nothing more. Now because of all this confusion and arguing over Shyvana's bio, I initially felt very frustrated with the lack of communication when expressing my discontent with Shyvana's lore to Rioters, especially since they were referring to the non-player-facing Bio rather than the one we previously saw on Universe. Because of this error, I _could_ say that we _deserve_ to revert Shyvana's lore in compensation for a pretty consequential mistake. However, I doubt that's going to happen and since Scathlocke had already hinted at some future content regarding Shyvana and this newer biography, I'd rather just push through it and see what exactly Riot's narrative team has in store. In fact, I would be thoroughly thankful and surprised if the writers manage to actually sell me on this new bio, perhaps through future stories, but as it stands currently I am still NOT PLEASED with how Shyvana's lore has turned out. Now asides from that, there is only one thing I want Riot to do: **Please just own up to this mistake.** To this day, I have still seen ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSE whatsoever from any Rioters on what exactly happened with Shyvana's bio, or at the very least an **apology**. For one, Riot, the mistake that still upsets me is that you managed to allow an unofficial bio to lay around in the Universe website for TWO YEARS without even bothering to check it or notice. Though asides this, I still just want to know where exactly this previous bio even came from, as it's starting to sound like this bio never even EXISTED in Riot's eyes. All in all, I just want to know where the previous bio came from. I'm not going to plead for changes in the story anymore, I've already expressed my criticisms and am just going to see where this newer bio takes us, but please don't just act like we won't notice. I get it, mistakes happen, but I think it's extremely irresponsible to both leave us without any explanation or even a confirmation on what happened, let alone even a slight apology?
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