Garen Vs Yasuo Lore battle

If these two were to face off in a strictly lore based fight, who would come out on top. Garen is a tank, mowing down everything insight,and essentially is Demacia's Captain America. Hes pretty unwavering, steadfast, and disciplined in both body and mind. Being apartvof the duantless guard is no easy feat and if his taunts to Darius mean anything, he may have faced off against Noxus's resident War monger himself and lived. Also is able to go toe to toe with the Noxian assassin and de facto successor Katarina (if Swain doesnt take power). Meanwhile, Yasuo is a measure badass Ronnin wishing to regain his honor for crimes he didnt commit. Hes mastered the ancient wind technique of his ionian sword school and is practically unmatched in Ionian swordmanship. He soends his days on the run reluctantly killing those who try to hamper his quest for justice and regrettably has become a cynical drunkard. Regardless his feats of killing his brother Yone (possibly as skilled as Yasuo himself as I doubt the Ionian council would send a lesser swordsman after him) and embodies cold aloof indifference and apathy to everything around him. Rumor is Rivens his rival and the possible killer but this has yet to be confirmed. Location: Fight takes places in a forested area similar to summoners rift. Think of Dark Root Basin from the Dark Souls series. Plenty of room to swing a Great Sword, but losts of obstacles and hazards that can be used for evasions and strategic maneuvers. Rules:Both fighters are in peak condition. None of the combatants have any previous knowledge or prep time for the other. Round 1: Fight to incapacitation Round 2: Fight too the death What are your thoughts? Edit: Based on the information, I'm leaning toward Garen. Intially i fel he had the edge but it seems like hes very well equipped. If anyone has any more analysis it would be greatly appreciated. Keep the discussion rolling. :)

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