@Riot: Any Plans for Zyra?

https://universe-meeps.leagueoflegends.com/v1/assets/images/Zyra_Color_Text.jpg With her new lore stating that budding zychids cling to things, can turn bodies into flowers, and can resurrect Zyra from a fragment of bone. Is there any chance Zyra's kit will be changed to represent these kinds of abilities? I mean, her passive and W being the same ability does leave a lot to be desired out of her kit. Say, for instance, Zyra being able to place buds on minions, or having Zyra turn into a bud herself and cling to an ally as she reforms, maybe if they die while Zyra is on them her old passive can trigger, turning into a giant flower, shooting a missile, and then consuming their corpse to turn into Zyra.
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