Showerthought: It's going to be awkward as hell if Riot reworks a champ that shows up in the comics.

League of Legends Special Ediition Comic & Interior Art | Marvel
Marvel and Riot Games recently announced a new partnership to create comics and graphic novels based on the hit game "League of Legends" -- and a special edition of the first issue will soon be available for digital pre-order!
I'm sure we've all heard about the Marvel/Riot collab. But it just occurred to me how this is going to be all manner of weird if they make a comic featuring a champion and then drastically rework their appearance. Like imagine if Ashe's comic comes out, sells gangbusters, gets a bunch of people interested in playing League (and by extension, Ashe) only to find that the Ashe in the comic looks, acts and "sounds" nothing like the Ashe from the game. Although on the other side, it'd be cool as hell to see a champion update/visual rework shown in the comic before the game.
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