About the kayle rework...

So first off, i would like to say visually and thematically and gameplay wise the new kayle is great HOWEVER, one aspect of the rework is terrible and it has to do with one particular skin and im sure many know where im going with this. Aether wing kayle Visually the skin looks nice however it seems like her animations just were thought up last minute and thrown together and the voice over and theme is another thing but lets start on the animations Base kayle has a joke where she sits demonsouls bonfire style with her sword and tells either a terrible joke or a not bad one involving yordles, aether wing flutters around spinning on her sword hilt making really terrible jokes , may i also note base forms joke is endless sitting while this one has a end point animation after significant time. The taunt is also funnier then the joke and relatively lackluster as well and does not befit a legendary skin The dance is probably the worst offender, base kayle dance is a bit robotic in movement but aether wing just has such a simple mundane dance for a legendary skin when you compare it to all the other legendary skins it is VERY lack luster especially since this is now a "recent" piece of work, project ashe has party music and dances, battle cast chogath has base speakers, snoop dog, i mean infernal nasus speaks for itself , dragon trainer trist humming while making riggle dance, the amount of work that went into those is immeasurably better then aether wing kayle and it is not befitting of a RECENT legendary skin. And last in the animation department is the spell effects, one really really big one of question is her ult, it is such a pale blue your team mates can sometimes fail to notice it is even on them. Now onto the bigger scarier beast in the room, the voice lines Before the rework aether wings kayle had questionable voice work (not riots best) but atleast it had a good theme and it was not to corny or terrible, an obsession with being the perfect being and destroying imperfect beings was not bad. Now, we have a power hungry galactic cop whose main theme is just killing people for justice with the most corny and terrible lines possible that is in the zone of not being corny enough to be funny but rather being cringey of just trying to hard. The voice lines and theme of a legendary skin are supposed to represent a different aspect or universal retelling of the champion that can reflect different parts of them, omega teemo for instance takes down the chipper happy teemo that is base teemo and puts in a cold relentless murder machine that definetly went crazy from war but he does not sound "crazy" or "psycho" he is cold, collective and decisive and is what we all know deep down teemo really is, a killing machine with no empathy. Final boss veigar plays off his evil and short themes and wraps in so many video game references and pop culture themes that it is insane , it is thematically great to KO a person with your ult and here veigar go DELETE or TOASTY. Overall pre rework aether wing kayle was , well was not great, not terrible not great just ok, now it feels like its gotten much worse, and its a shame since except for her dance, new kayle is so much better but for aether wing kayle riot just dropped the ball the first time then found out how to drop it even further like its a challenge to see how crappy they can make a legendary skin that or the design standards for riot have gone really down hill which i doubt since the recent legend skins have been great.
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