Is any chance in hell that a Riot artist would want to help me with simple sketches to propose?

Over 5 years ago my girlfriend and I (30 & 25 now) met on this game through mutual friends. It's truly an amazing and crazy story, gladly shared if you want, but for the sake of this request I'll keep it short to avoid a text wall. I have a really elaborate plan to propose, and part of that involves a short illustrated story of lives with half league champs half us used in fictional metaphor of our life thus far. I'm kind of guessing around 15-16 pages max. Very simple, b/w no background, no detail. Initially had my childhood friend lined up to do it, but he got hired with cartoon network and had to bail on it. I'm one of the least artistic people ever, but I was gonna default to do it 'til I had this idea. If any of you have a soft spot and would wanna help please let me know. It would mean the world to me. It's not like the yes is in compromise, we've talked about it, it'll happen. I just want to make this the most insane experience ever for her and heck having an actual Riot artist involved would absolutely floor her. My next up option is commissioning anyone that would want to help so please also feel free to hit me up with rates if you're interested. At the very least I'll do it by hand as more of a jest, but I really would have appriciate something well done to give her. Thanks for reading, Catbug
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