My theory on Icathia

Icathia is a place that I seriously want to see developed. The story highlighting the cataclysmic event that wiped the kingdom off of Runeterra was absolutely thrilling and my person favourite, it was also voted the most popular short story some time ago on the boards through a fan made tournament. Two beloved characters Zilean and Jax both belong to Icathia, they’re very old and have been working to undo what Shurima and the void did to their home and people. These characters will most likely have stories revolving around their attempts to reconstruct their homeland which a lot of people interpret as futile and impossible but it isn’t. Zilean has many of the Icathian citizens trapped in a stasis. He ripped them out of time and now they exist in a temporal state of immortality. Presumably, Zilean can put them back. The problem is that Icathia is most likely still infested with the void/and or when he brings them back their ages would catch up to them and they would rapidly age and turn to dust. (A common trope in story telling). I can personally only see one direction this thread can be taken. Jax succeeds in restoring parts of Icathia to a liveable condition, Zilean returns the citizens to their home and they begin to reforge the past. However, I believe the void can still play a big part in keeping both Zilean and Jax’s story progressive and leave room for more. Zilean could perhaps bring back the people, but needs to maintain the quantum field of immortality, making the people not able to leave Icathia as this “chunk” of area still exists in the past, however it is conjugated with the present, meaning anything that steps out of the temporal zone returns to the present timeline and dies. Anyone can come in, but only those who exist in Runeterra’s current timeline can exit. Meaning Jax and Zilean should need to actively defend their city from void threats that still threaten their home. That or Zilean brings them back no problem and all they have to deal with is the void. This entire story could go SO WELL with the rise of the Darkin and the return of Shurima and Ixaocan… Ancient powers are returning to the world. Imagine the political implications of all of this. Imagine how Azir would react? So much potential!!! Imagine how angry the Darkin would be!!?? Argh!
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