How Qiyana's Lore (sort of) Saved Her Design And Steps in Perfecting It

Alright so I made a boards post a few days ago complaining about Qiyana's design but I'll have to admit, her lore makes it work tenfold, IMO. I just sort of wish that they introduced her as the neglected, ignored, under-appreciated princess out to claim the Ixacoan throne as presented in her lore, instead of as an elemental empress, it would make her design more understandable, again, IMO. When you actually read her lore, the design just makes sense. Where I previously complained about her looking like some spoiled rich kid, I've found that it's practically what she is, she's a spoiled princess. A spoiled princess who's probably gotten everything she's asked for in terms of materialism except for the one thing she's probably longed for her entire life: the throne. Being the youngest of, what, 10(?) sisters, she's likely lived most of her younger years in the shadow of her family's legacy, stuck as a princess never to inherit her family's kingdom. So what does she do? She hones her talents and abilities, becomes the best amongst her siblings, the best amongst her kingdom, picks up a weapon not suited for a young princess in order to prove herself worthy of her kingdom's respect. Regarding how this is transferred to her design, I'd have to say, it's pretty well executed: the jewels, the dress, she's dressed as a prim and proper princess looking like a poster-child of obedience, save for the large, intricate, unique weapon of (probably) mass destruction on the tip of her petit manicured fingers. What makes Qiyana's design somewhat successful is the juxtaposition of Qiyana herself with the way she's dressed and the huge big hoola-hoop of elemental death, a juxtaposition between who she IS, the role she's forced to play (how she's dressed, etc.) and who she WANTS to be: a warrior-empress looking to rule the world as she sees fit. I have to say, I'm a big fan of the concept, the only issue I had was the presentation and introduction of her character. When she was first teased and introduced, we didn't think 'disregarded princess who's actually pretty badass', the vibes we got leaned more towards 'elemental goddess looking to save the world', this most probably was the cause of the confusion with her reveal, the harsh reaction to how she was dressed, her title, et cetera. We were marketed a somewhat different character archetype than what was likely intended. I think labelling her as the 'elemental champion' of League of Legends isn't very fitting. When you see Qiyana and her design you don't really see much of her elemental prowess, you just see Qiyana herself, her tiara and her weapon. Not to say that the design team failed in executing the 'elemental champion' archetype, I just don't think that it's smart to market her as that seeing how confused the player-base has been since her reveal. I mean, the way she manipulates the elements is very, and I mean **very** niche so instead of putting her elemental powers at the forefront of her character, make it something that's supplementary to her character in terms of how you present her. Sort of like saying "This is Qiyana, she's a spoilt princess who's also a badass. Oh, and she has elemental powers" Think about Braum, his design, and how he's marketed, Braum is a champion with the 'uses big ass shield' character archetype but his title is "Braum: The Heart of the Freljord", when he was introduced, his shield wasn't at the forefront of his character because his shield didn't really look like that much of a shield (its door?), so his title focuses on another aspect of his design as to avoid confusion when distinguishing him, it's like saying: "he's not necessarily the champion with a shield, he's this and that, but he's also the champion with a shield. So this being said, maybe instead of labeling Qiyana as 'The Empress of Elements', you should label her as something else that appeals more towards an aspect of her design that's more evident. Maybe instead of "Qiyana: The Empress of Elements", a more fitting title would be "Qiyana: The Scorned Princess" (or something like that tbh I'm not praised for my creativity), that way you'd appeal to Qiyana as a scorned princess than elemental goddess, not to say that she isn't the elemental champion of the game, it's just not at the forefront of her character. "She's not necessarily the champion with elemental powers, she's actually this and that, but she's also the champion with elemental powers." (I'm sorry if I'm barely making any sense and if my points are all over the place, please bear with me, English isn't my first language uwu)
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