Can Ixtal get some development please?

As of this talking moment, Ixtal is just Wakanda in Runeterra. This compared to other regions is like the Rp art players submit and official splash art for champions. We are 2 months in still there is nothing to it. Just Qiyana and the Malph edit. it's really sad to see the other regions on the map filled with art and lore and this just sits there with 3 pictures and text about stuff we already know from the Ixtal intro on the universe. I know this was supposed to be a whole separate continent filled with metal people but they didn't have time to develop it so they threw it in the jungles next to shurima. Yeah, now its more generic but almost all regions started like that but got shaped into something more unique to the world of Runeterra. And I feel like the whole Piltover conflict is really unnecessary.
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