Hey IronStylus, have you guys settled on a direction for Eve's VU yet?

Because if not I think I've got something for you guys that would be more or less perfect. In Scottish folklore there's a faerie/undead/vampire thing called a baobhan sith, a seductive, enticing, *razor clawed* monster that leads unwary travelers away to secluded places before devouring them. I've seen Rioters say before that the 'succubus/vampire' look is hard to nail down, but mythology has been kind enough to supply us with a creature that basically fits Eve perfectly. So, what does such a creature look like? Well, tales differ, but generally a baobhan sith was typically imagined as a radiantly beautiful woman in a diaphanous green or white gown with razor-sharp claws that were typically kept out of sight until they were ready to use. In some versions of the story she has cloven hooves that she tries to hide with the dress. Such a creature, if you wanted to boil down its appearance to a few key features, graceful, elegant, and predatory. I know that would be a pretty major departure from Eve's present BDSM look, but that's what 'classic' skins are for, right?
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