Sweetheart Xayah's Emote.

I wasn't super impressed by the skin itself, it has a lot of problems, but I've heard they're tweaking it, so I have hope. Either way, the skin is passable. I was shocked to see the Xayah _**emote**_ though, and that no one is talking about it. https://imgur.com/Tbg4K3S What _is_ that!? I understand that it's supposed to be the eyeroll emote, and that emotes are supposed to be exaggerated for expression, but this is just so far below the quality that the other emotes put out. Compared to Rakan's and Lux's/Sona's it's really unseemly. It looks unpolished, and like a caricature, a lot of my friends actually couldn't tell what was supposed to be going on with it. Her lips are huge, and her eyes are just... off. The ears look like they're in two separate parts as well. There's something really creepy about it, it looks like it's supposed to be offensive in some way (some of my friends actually thought it was supposed to be ahego at first... which isn't good). I'd really like to buy the whole set for Xayah, skin, icon, emote, the works, but there's no way that emote is acceptable.
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