Why Vi?!?!?!

Okay, I'm gonna get a little persnickety now that Jihn is finally released. I feel like we have yet to receive a valid explanation for his choice of targets in the teasers. Zed he has an established lore relationship with. Good. Sona is a competing artist, a public figure, and she shares a homeland with Jihn, so she's therefore an excellent star for his type of show. Good. Garen *might* have kind of a tragic love-story thing going with Katarina, and is also extremely high-profile. Oookay, kinda stretching here... Vi has no plausible connection so far to either Jihn or any of the other three. She's from Piltover, not Demacia or Ionia. She doesn't have rivalries or friends or family from there (as far as we know), and would probably never run into the guy. WHY WOULD JIHN TARGET HER? EVER? I want the explanation to be outside of gameplay, because that would be some frustratingly lazy writing, and I feel like it would seriously take away from the 'psychotic serial killer' persona that they're trying to create if the danger he poses is restricted to the Fields of Justice. COME ON, RIOT. DON'T DO THIS TO US!
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