I'd pay money to keep the old Ahri Splash

{{champion:103}} Like a lot of others I feel this new Ahri splash pales in comparison to the current one. http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/255/b/7/ahri_splash_art_by_aveldine-d5ej1ds.jpg This splash makes her look elegant, mature and sexy, while also also powerful and mysterious. she has a long thin very attractive figure as described in her lore, long and straight hip length hair with a clearly braided pony tail, her outfit resembles that of a shrine maiden with the dangling bell that hangs from the chest of her outfit, her distinguishing fox features ( her 9 tails and fox ears) are put on good display too, with a slight focus on her orb giving her the feel of a magically powerful creature along with her feminine sexiness. you see her full figure, her tails, her ears, her outfit, her orb, everything. It fits her lore and matches her in-game avatar as well. Everything in the current splash is perfect. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-SVAAVXUMURo/VDwpN4GPLvI/AAAAAAAAbJw/zq1fLshfmrU/s1600/Ahri_Splash_0.jpg compared to this new splash, her face isn't the same shape and she looks like a different girl, like a close sister maybe but not the same Ahri at all. her hair is short (mid length) and more wavey and curly compared to the straight hair she really has in game, and you can't even tell she has a pony tail. her overall figure looks shorter by like 4-5 inch. and she looks like more of a 17-ish teenager compared to her current where she looks more the age of a grown woman. half her figure is hidden away by her tails. her ears are too small. the bell in her outfit is missing and makes it look like a high-school cheerleaders outfit, not the shrine maiden look she should have, that she has already. also her orb looks less made of energy and more of a physical crystal ball. everything about this new splash does her injustice, as an Ahri main, I really hate it. Put the old classic in shop as a skin with the same in game avatar, just with the original splash. even if you sold it for 3200 I'd buy it. cause I'm quite attached to the current splash art, despite having all her skins I use the classic the most because I like it's in-game avatar and splash art the best out of all of them. I miss Ahri's old splash already, and it's not even been taken away yet....

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