What'll make Qiyana's design better.

I know that there are probably about 15 other posts about this but I can't stress this enough, the key to making Qiyana's design 10x better is right there and all the model design people at Riot need to do is actually listen to us players and make a change. The Issue: Qiyana's design is way too generic. And I mean waaay to generic, thicc warrior princess with pretty poofy hair? Been there, done that. Her outfit looks way too similar to that of a lux skin and it's disappointing because it fails to endorse that jungle/tribal warrior princess character archetype, instead it's giving me spoilt 16-year-old Demacian rich kid vibes. Put Qiyana's model next to that of other Jungle champions and the disconnect is pretty evident. This champion is supposed to be a pioneer of the new Ixaocan region/faction, Riot, you're supposed to be selling me decades of culture, history and tradition with this champion but instead you're giving me Demacian thrift-store trash and I'm not okay with it. Yes she's supposed to be an empress/princess of some sort but not all monarchs should wear pounds of eyeshadow and swarovski necklaces, especially not a monarch who's kingdom resides in the jungle. I just wished you design her like you did Taliyah where you didn't only sell a champion, you sold, again, history and tradition. The Solution: I'm not asking you to change her model entirely, what I'm asking is for you to at least change/tweak the parts that make her look like an Instagram influencer from the valley, I'm talking: the hair, the outfit. To start off, the poofy curls with the bangs utterly ruin the design for me, I mean tell me where in God's armpit can you find a hairdresser with a fully-functioning hair-curler in the jungle for curls like those, if I'm not mistaken there was one similar post with pictures of traditional Mayan/Aztec hairstyles, I suggest you start there. Secondly, with the outfit, again, you're supposed to sell to me history, culture and tradition, yet nothing about the outfit looks different from that of Demacian or Ionian fashion styles, I mean, golden/metal loopy-things running across the seams of her outfit? seen it on Karma, Irelia, Syndra, Camille, Fiora, and like, literally almost every Lux skin. I'm not saying: "make her look poorer", I'm saying implement fashion tropes that set her and this new faction apart from all the existing ones, make her look unique, look incomparable to everyone else, make us players actually want to invest time and effort exploring this new faction, because if you're planning on selling us a washed-up version of Ionia, well, **just don't**. I hope Riot does move to tweak Qiyana's design regardless of how far into the production process they are with this champion, I mean, Mordekaiser isn't even on live servers yet, I'd rather they delay the release for a better, more well-designed model than for them to throw Qiyana's half-assed design on live servers and call it a day. If it's about making her look marketable for skins and whatnot, you can add the cute outfit and the poofy curls on a skin, **not a base-model**, trust me, it'll sell better.
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