The tragedy of Aether Wing Kayle, or Reworked Skins

Hello. I'm Benahor, I play since Season 4, and ... I failed. I did not find the determination to build a complete and sourced post on the problems of reworked skins. However, I can give you some thoughts I made up in the process and the reason why I wanted to write this kind of post. TL;DR: The way RIoters managed the rework of Aether Wing Kayle was predictable and does not show any respect toward the previous iteration. --- --- --- February, the 18th of 2019, Riot Games unveiled [the result of their latest dual VGU: Morgana and Kayle]( This type of announcements mainly gives us the new abilities and splash arts of the reworked champions. We have some lines of context for their lore within the post and, since Akali, we have their bio too, shared separately. I'm here to talk about the skins in the rework process, so we don't have much to talk about in the announcement post. Splash arts aren't a reliable source alone to talk about the skins, and the fact I like them or not at this point isn't interesting, but keep this in mind.{{item:3041}} February, the 20th of 2019, we were able to discover the different skins in-game for both Kayle and Morgana thanks to the PBE. I personally use [Surrender at 20]( to keep track of the new content added to LoL, and [SkinSpotlights]( gives us a complete display of the skins, so we know how they actually look like when we use them. When reworks come out, I usually don't expect much from the skins and wait to see how they look like and which one is now the best for me; once again, this point is just about my likings, and that's not the topic (yet). However, there's one thing I watch closely since Galio's rework: the respect of what made the previous iteration of the skin unique. Since I started playing (Season 4), Gatekeeper Galio was the first **Legendary Skin** to be reworked*. It was April, the 24th of 2017: at the time, the two latest released Legendary Skins were God Fist Lee Sin and Star Guardian Jinx, to give you an idea on the level of quality. At this point, we didn't know how Rioters were going to handle this kind of skins: were they going to keep the release quality or update the skin to their new standard of quality for Legendaries? Then again, their goal when they rework a champion is to update them to fit into the current style and feel of League. They kept the release quality: a new voice over, no new AA animation, new VFX and SFX but little changes to the abilities' animations, no new emotes. They gave it a new recall at the cost of a new model. I was disappointed: Rioters didn't go under the same process to make the new Gatekeeper Galio that the one they used to make other Legendary skins at the same time. Meanwhile, the lower-tier skins of Galio received an "over-treatment", receiving new VFX mainly (Hextech Galio, 520 RP, new VFX on abilities). Just putting this here, keep it in mind. Too.{{item:3041}} When the rework came out, I thoughts this was going to be a disaster for the next Legendary skins to be reworked but, at the same time, told me that Rioters may just have kept the "release" quality/level of change, condemning just the really old Legendary skins (Brolaf, Gentleman Cho'Gath...). In this regard, the second Legendary skin to be reworked, Nunu and Willump Bot, received a better treatment (new taunts), while still maintaining the model and AA animation "under-treatment" and being overall less worked on than new Legendary skins at this time (the rework came out September, the 28th of 2018, just after Odyssey Kayn and High Noon Lucian, and just before Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger). And now, there's Aether Wing Kayle. I could say that I don't like this iteration. And I will say it. But not now, because my tastes aren't the point in this first part. I just want to talk about the method and the respect to the reworked skins. Aether Wing Kayle received the same treatment than the two previous reworked Legendary skins. which is a real problem because, while Nunu (and Willump) Bot was released [May, the 4th]( of 2011 and Gatekeeper Galio, April, the 22th of 2012, AW Kayle came out January, the 17th of 2013, after Zombie Brand and Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath. Like them, she had: a completely new model, AA, animations, voice over, running animation, emotes, recall, VFX and SFX. Currently, she has: a (not completely) new model, some new animations, new voice over, emotes, recall, VFX and SFX. And that's all. She lost features. _Interactions with champions ?_ All the new champions and new skins with a completely new voice over have interactions now. _Different forms as she levels up (like Pulsefire Ezreal, OMG) ?_ That doesn't come from the skin, but from her passive: every single skin she has changes form as she levels up. Aether Wing Kayle is a "glorified epic skin". Again, keep this in mind.{{item:3041}} --- --- --- At this point, I would normally keep arguing, in particular on the topic of the unique changes some skin had before a rework and then lost, calling that the "disrespect against skin's unique traits". You can find on this list Tyrant Swain running animation and Blackthorn Morgana falling leaves during her running animation, but there are more I don't recall right now: add them in the comments. And, at the same time, some skins, like Hyena Warwick, kept their point of uniqueness (after people insists, but nevermind ...). But I meet two problems when I arrive here. The first is the subjectivity of my analysis: from now on, I only have my feelings and vocal people's feelings. It's interesting to talk about that, but It just can't be used to argue, because there are millions of people playing this game. The second problem is that Rioters aren't doing anything bad: they are respecting their own rules about pricing and quality of skins. A Legendary skin "Includes a new model, new texture, new splash image, new animations, new visuals, new voice over and sounds. " An Epic Skin "Includes a new model, new texture, new splash image, new animations, new visual effects, new sounds. Sometimes includes: voice processing. " Remember the "glorified epic skin" ? Well, it is. Today, if they make an epic skin and put a new voice over, it can be called a Legendary: the quality of actual epic skins reaches that of the 2013 Legendary skins. They won't do it for a new Legendary skin because their standard of quality went up. But why would they work harder for a Legendary skin people already bought ? You could argue that they are doing it for lower-tier skins, like Exiled Morgana, because you remember Hextech Galio. Well. [While it's true we have done this in the past, we have been asked to stop doing this because it creates confusing expectations about what should or shouldn't be included in the different skin price tiers, which is why we didn't do this for Ezreal or K/M and won't be doing it on VGUs going forward. I know it sux :( We are going to be recoloring Exiled Morgana because she is a 975 and falls under the category of "Looks really bad with base VFX"]( - Reav3 Arguing with that looked a bit too difficult for me, and I didn't want to spend multiple days on this post (this one already took long), so here are some of my opinions. Yeah, I'm going to give opinions from now on, sorry. --- --- --- People have different reasons to buy skins: the theme, the animations, the overall result of the product, or a little detail most people didn't see. The only way to frustrate nobody is to not change anything, so some things stay, and others are forgotten. If people who played Kayle before loved Aether Wing Kayle, it often was for her satisfying AA animation (who would have thought that having a good AA animation on a AA reliant champ would be awesome ?). Now, every single skin of Kayle has it. Before level 11. Then, she begins dual wielding and her AA become horrible the moment playing the new Kayle starts feeling good. And I have no other skin to have a better AA animation. Yup, that's my opinion ... Some people liked the sound of the AA, her floating running animation, her voice over ... But things change. I don't like new AW Kayle AA after 11, I don't like her new forms, I don't like her new emotes, her new voice over, her new Splash art. And I liked them all before. But, if it was just about my tastes, I wouldn't have written this post. I did nothing when they killed Aatrox. If I wrote this, it's because I saw this coming. I knew they were going to do half the job as they did with the previous Legendary skins but, unlike Aatrox, they didn't warn us. The fact that this problem is affecting AW Kayle gave me the motivation to write, but there's not much I can do now. The vocal minority said they though AW Kayle new design was disgusting;t Rioters did some minor change to the color of the model and it was good enough. Aether Wing Kayle will not change anymore. _The future is perfection. It's a pity she will not live to see it._ I may have done multiple mistakes writing this, and I'm not even sure I went to the point. Sorry. Share your thoughts below, and thank you for reading. *PS: I forgot Alien Invader Heimerdinger. They kept his release quality. [Champion Update Schedule]( [All Champions Skins](
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