I think it would be cool if Riot made a voodoo champion with some cool voodoo lore.

As far as I know there really isnt any champ that fills out the theme of a voodoo practitioner (maybe Illaoi with her talk of spirits but that I feel she has more of an samoan islander vibe going on). Seeing what other mobas have done with voodoo characters ( mostly Baron Samedi from smite) I would love to see Riot's take on a champion with a voodoo aesthetic. They could reintroduce that canceled champion Tabu and have be a spiritual healer of sorts in bilgewater. Riot could make the champ a tophat wearing oldman that uses a cane( since we lost our other cane user {{champion:50}} ) but have him be ecstatic and lively. I feel kitwise the champ could use deployables that would buff or heal allies and debuff enemies. Honestly im just rambling and would like to see what other people think.
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