The more we learn about Demacia the more I find it weird that Poppy is there.

Like in her story Demacia was a place for everyone. But now we learn it's anti mage(or anti magic I forget) and there is a civil war starting like here are are the problems I have right now with her lore. 1: If Demacia hates mages for using magic then wouldn't they hate poppy for being a yordle since yordles are magical creatures. 2: Is poppy just ignoring all of stuff going on with mages? Like she has been there for a long time and I can't imagine with her being a yordle she would be ok with this but from her story and interactions in game she is friendly towards people in Demacia and they seem friendly towards her, so she is clearly not doing anything to help mages. 3: What is poppy doing while the civil war goes on? Like what side is she on or is just ignoring it. Has any of my problems been addressed? Since I can't find any answers.
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