New Heimerdinger Skin Ideas?

Now that Shen and Aurelion Sol have gotten their skin dues, and Urgot's getting his soon, we still have Riot's previous announcement that Heimerdinger will soon be getting his first skin since 2014. What sort of skin do you guys think he'll get? Although Heimerdinger isn't the sort of champion who readily fits into many skin lines, here are a few of my own ideas: I personally think the most obvious route to go would be Arcade Heimerdinger. His whole blingy science kit would translate so well into an 8-bit theme, as would his status as a certified genius. Plus, it helps that Corki and Ziggs, two fellow machinery-using Yordles, are already in the Arcade universe. Another fitting possibility is Professor Heimerdinger, since he's basically already a professor. This would go in with the Academy universe, and I think this one would be particularly funny as a legendary skin. There's also the possibility of a Candy Kingdom skin, with turrets shooting candy or something. Heimerdinger would fit very well in the universe's underlying creepiness as well... Lastly, there is a Mecha universe skin, since Heimerdinger, Rumble, and Ziggs were the Mecha's creators (although I doubt the upcoming skin would be for them, since Rumble just got a skin). I imagined that it would be Resistance Heimerdinger, but that name would only work if Riot does finally decide to re-merge the Mecha, Battlecast, and Project universes back together. Well, those are my ideas. What about yours? What sort of skin do you think Heimerdinger should get after such a long wait?
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